Unleashing the Power of Sabong Worldwide Promotions


The world of exciting promotions at Sabong Worldwide casino! In this post, we’re thrilled to unveil many fantastic upgrades that will elevate your sabong experience to new heights. Whether you’re a passionate enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our promotions are designed to enhance your enjoyment and provide incredible value. We’ve curated a range of offers that cater to every sabong lover’s preferences. Join us as we delve into the details of these enticing promotions, giving you a glimpse of how Sabong Worldwide is not only a platform for thrilling matches but also a destination where rewards and excitement seamlessly converge. Get ready to discover the world of promotions that awaits you right here at Sabong Worldwide!

Sabong Worldwide First Deposit/Welcome Bonus 

Sabong Worldwide players can receive a bonus when they make their first deposit. The bonus amount can be as much as 100%, depending on how much they deposit for the first time. Here are the different deposit amounts that qualify:

Sabong Worldwide First Deposit
  • 100 PHP gets a 60% discount.
  • 200 PHP  receives an 80% discount.
  • 500 PHP gets a 90% discount.
  • 1,000 PHP receives a 100% discount.

You need to play with the bonus amount 19 times, and you can only use it in live dealer games, card games, fish shooting games, slot machines, and sports betting.

Daily Stake Bonus

Sabong Worldwide players can get an extra reward each day based on the total amount they bet. It’s less exciting than other bonuses, but getting extra money is still good. The bonus amount you can get depends on how much you bet:

Daily Stake Bonus
  • If you bet 8,888 PHP, you’ll get 17 bonus money.
  • If you bet 20,000 PHP, you’ll get 37 bonus money.
  • If you bet 50,000 PHP, you’ll get 57 bonus money.

To use this bonus, you need to bet it once (the rollover requirement is 1x), and you can use it for any bet on the platform.

Total Weekly Accumulated Deposit

Sabong Worldwide offers a special bonus based on how much money you deposit each week. You can get up to 26,000 PHP in bonus money

Here’s how it works:

Total Weekly Accumulated Deposit
  • If you deposit 1,000 PHP, you’ll get a 20% bonus, up to 500 PHP.
  • If you deposit 2,000 PHP, you’ll get a 21% bonus, up to 2,000 PHP.
  • If you deposit 5,000 PHP, you’ll get a 22% bonus, up to 5,000 PHP.
  • If you deposit 10,000 PHP, you’ll get a 23% bonus, up to 5,000 PHP.
  • If you deposit 30,000 PHP, you’ll get a 24% bonus, up to 5,000 PHP.
  • If you deposit 50,000 PHP, you’ll get a 25% bonus, up to 5,000 PHP.
  • If you deposit 100,000 PHP, you’ll get a 26% bonus, up to 26,000 PHP.

Once you have the bonus, you need to bet twice the bonus amount before you can withdraw it as real money. For example, if you get a 5,000 PHP bonus, you’ll need to bet a total of 10,000 PHP before taking out the bonus money as cash.

Lucky Wager

This casino bonus needs the player to put in at least 2,000 PHP and make bets worth 800 PHP. The premium you get is insignificant – it’s only between 10 PHP and 20 PHP.

Lucky Wager
Daily Deposit AmountMaximum limit to be claimed per day
≥ 2,000 PHPOne time
≥ 5,000 PHPThree  times
≥ 10,000 PHPSeven times

Players can get different amounts of money when they gamble, based on the unique number they choose for their bet. If they pick the number 888, they win 10 PHP. If they choose 777, they get 20 PHP. They need to bet at least once to meet the requirements.

Weekly Loss Relief

It’s common only sometimes to win when playing games in online casinos. Sabong Worldwide assists these players in getting back some of the money they lost, based on how much they lost.

Weekly Loss Relief
Amount lostExtra Rewards %
≥ 100 PHP6%
≥ 500 PHP8%
≥ 1,000 PHP10%
≥ 2,000 PHP15%
≥ 5,000 PHP20%

The most significant discount you can get is 1,000 PHP or 20% of 5,000 PHP. You need to bet three times the amount.

Agent Weekly Salary

Agent Weekly Salary

If players want to be Sabong Worldwide agents, they can earn weekly rewards for bringing people to the platform. They’ll get extra tips if they invite at least ≥ 1,000 PHP. You need to bet once.

VIP Promotions Bonuses

Gamblers can become VIP members by betting real money over a specific time. Players begin as VIP0 and can reach VIP10. VIPs receive four special bonuses listed below:

VIP Bonuses

Sabong Worldwide players can achieve VIP status by betting a certain amount within a timeframe.

VIP Upgrade Bonus

You get This reward when you move up a level in gambling. The money you bet to move up and the bonus you get for leveling up are as follows:

VIP LevelWager Amount for PromotionLevel Up Bonus
11,000 PHP3 PHP
29,000 PHP18 PHP
390,000 PHP28 PHP
4200,000 PHP58 PHP
5700,000 PHP108 PHP
62,000,000 PHP288 PHP
77,000,000 PHP888 PHP
810,000,000 PHP1,888 PHP
930,000,000 PHP3,888 PHP
1050,000,000 PHP5,888 PHP

VIP Daily Salary Bonus

It is a daily extra reward given to the person who bets money, depending on how much they bet on that day.

VIP LevelDaily Wager AmountLevel Up Bonus
11,000 PHP1 PHP
23,000 PHP3 PHP
310,000 PHP10 PHP
410,000 PHP10 PHP
550,000 PHP50 PHP
650,000 PHP50 PHP
750,000 PHP50 PHP
850,000 PHP50 PHP
950,000 PHP50 PHP
1050,000 PHP50 PHP

VIP Weekly Salary Bonus

It is a special reward given to people who gamble based on how much they bet on that day.

VIP LevelTotal Weekly WagerLevel Up Bonus
15,000 PHP3 PHP
210,000 PHP3 PHP
350,000 PHP15 PHP
450,000 PHP18 PHP
5200,000 PHP75 PHP
6200,000 PHP80 PHP
7200,000 PHP85 PHP
8200,000 PHP90 PHP
9200,000 PHP95 PHP
10200,000 PHP100 PHP

VIP Monthly Salary Bonus

It is a daily extra reward given to a person who bets money based on how much they bet that day.

VIP LevelTotal Monthly WagerLevel Up Bonus
18,000 PHP4
280,000 PHP40
3100,000 PHP50
4100,000 PHP50
5500,000 PHP250
6500,000 PHP250
71,000,000 PHP500
81,500,000 PHP750
92,000,000 PHP1,000
105,000,000 PHP2,500