Worst Sabong Gamefowl Breeds

Have you ever wondered why particular hens are more belligerent than others? This pattern of behavior may be attributed to several different variables. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the reasons why some sabong breeds are more aggressive than others, as well as some of the things you can do to keep the behavior of your flock under control.

Worst Local Sabong Gamefowl Breeds

Selective Breeding and Genetics

Selective breeding is the process of picking which animals will be utilized to breed the following generation, depending on desired features. This method is commonly used in agriculture to create livestock with desirable traits like increased milk or meat production.

Selective Breeding and Genetics

However, it may also be used to breed animals with desirable traits, such as a dog’s heightened intelligence or a chicken’s increased aggression. Some chicken keepers like more dominant chickens because they are less likely to be victimized by other chickens or predators.

Comparing Aggression Towards Animals and Humans

Not all chicken aggressiveness is created equal, though. Some chickens may be violent toward humans but not other animals, whereas others are solely hostile toward other chickens.

Comparing Aggression Towards Animals and Humans

Determine the reason for aggressive behavior for the most effective course of action. You should keep your chicken confined if it’s aggressive behavior toward your other pets.

Worst Gamefowl Breeds

Worst Gamefowl Breeds

Chickens are beautiful animals in their own right. They provide us with eggs, meat, and feathers, among other things. In addition to this, they do not require a lot of upkeep and are simple to look for. On the other hand, not every chicken breed has the same characteristics. There are breeds of chicken that are more prone to aggression than others.

Brahma Chickens

The Brahma chicken is a breed of chicken that was created in the United States and is known for its vast size.

Types of Brahma Breeds

The fierceness and tenacity of Brahma chickens are well-known characteristics of this breed. It has been shown that they will attack humans as well as other animals, and they will even murder fellow chickens.

Additionally, Brahma has a reputation for being quite loud, which might annoy those who live nearby.

Cornish Chickens

Cornish chickens are another giant breed of chicken notorious for their hostility. They are known as “Cornish” chickens. The first Cornish chickens were developed in Cornwall, which is located in England.

Types of Cornish Chicken

They have a reputation for being quite aggressive and may occasionally attack and even kill other animals and chicks in their path. Cornish chickens have a reputation for being particularly loud fowl.


Additionally, Malay chickens tend to be rather aggressive. They were initially raised in Malaysia to participate in cockfights.

Types of Malay Chicken

They are recognized for their speed and agility, and their beaks are said to be sharp enough to cause serious wounds.

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is yet another type of chicken that has a reputation for being very hostile. This bird was initially raised for its meat in the United States, where it is native, and it is a native bird.

Types of Rhode Island Red

Large birds with red feathers and wattles, Rhode Island Reds are known for their bright coloration.

In addition to this, they have a strong sense of territorial defense and will attack anything that they consider to be a danger to their territory.


Chickens of the Leghorn breed have roots in Italy, where the breed was first developed. They were initially produced for egg production, but in more recent times, people have begun keeping them as pets or showing them in exhibitions.

Types of Leghorn Chickens

Leghorns are little birds that have red combs and white feathers on their bodies.

Although they are not as hostile as some of the other breeds on this list, they are nonetheless capable of becoming territorial if they perceive themselves to be in danger.


The Cubalaya is a breed of chicken that was created in Cuba around the beginning of the 20th century. It was initially bred in the city of Santiago de Cuba in Cuba. Hence, that is where its name comes from.

Color Variations of Cubalaya Chickens

Cubalayas are chickens that are raised for both their eggs and their meat. Therefore, they are known as a “dual-purpose” breed. They are well-known for their high level of activity as well as their ability to fly.


Choosing the correct breed of gamefowl is crucial in the ever-changing world of local Sabong in the Philippines. Avoiding the Brahma Chicken, Cornish Chicken, Malay Chicken, Leghorn Chicken, and Cubalaya chicken breeds in online sabong guarantees that fans put their money on victorious gamefowl. Sabong Worldwide Casino fans may improve their chances of winning by choosing breeds with the optimal mix of aggressiveness, agility, intellect, and health.

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