Best Gamefowl Breeds for Local Sabong

The gamefowls are a group of many different species of birds that fight among themselves. They are distinguishable from other birds by having extremely violent males and females in both sexes. Because these aggressive tendencies become apparent at a young age, the roosters have to be separated from one another to eliminate the possibility of a fight breaking out between them. The use of fighting roosters has led to a more aggressive demeanor as well as exceptional strength and stamina as a result of selective breeding.

Best Gamefowl Breeds for Local Sabong

The Fighting Cocks

A cockfight is a form of blood sport that takes place in a ring that is referred to as a cockpit. The history of breeding birds specifically to compete dates back 6,000 years.

The Fighting Cocks

The phrase “gamecock,” which denotes the use of the cock as to a “game,” a sport, leisure, or amusement that was first documented in 1634, was first used by George Wilson in the first book on the sport of cockfighting, The Commendation of Cocks and Cock Fighting in 1607. This was the primary utilization of the word gamecock.

The competitors, known as gamecocks (not to be confused with game birds), have been bred and trained specifically to have increased stamina and vigor throughout the match. The male and female individuals of this chicken species are called game fowl.

Various Forms of Combat

Three primary kinds of fights take place in Sabong, and these are known as derbies, hackfights, and gaff bouts. Sabong is an exciting sport to watch and engage in since each type of combat has its own rules and strategy, making it an exciting spectator sport.

Various Forms of Combat
  • Derby: Consists of numerous roosters from various breeders battling against each other, with the winner being determined by the rooster still standing after the competition.
  • Hackfight: During this battle, the roosters will battle one another until one is either dead or unable to continue.
  • Gaff Fight: The roosters are outfitted with metal blades or gaffs fastened to their feet as part of this method.

The Five Finest Gamefowl Breeds

Choose the gamefowl breeds that is most suited to your requirements, but keep in mind that it will only live up to its full potential if it is provided with the appropriate level of care and fed a proper diet.

The Five Finest Gamefowl Breeds

Kelso’s Raging Hens

Along with Sweater, Lemon, Hatch, and Roundhead, Kelso would be among the best-known cockfighting brands. The fundamental traits of the Kelso line of fighting roosters persist even when various breeders construct their bloodlines.

Reviewers and experts agree that the Kelsos produced by Biboy Enriquez’s Firebird Gamefarm are the best in the Philippines.

Kelso’s Distinct Traits

Kelso roosters are visually striking. The size (between 6 and 8 pounds) and the look of these chickens are remarkable. They have gorgeous plumage and shimmering tail feathers.

The sleeker look of this gamefowl breeds makes it seem more intelligent than it is. Kelso roosters and hens are highly sought after as display birds due to their striking appearance.

Hatch Roosters

It is common knowledge that hatchlings develop rapidly, endowing them with robust bodies and bones at an early age. Similarly, regardless of the season or the climate, they are always in excellent shape.

The Yellow-legged hatch, the Blueface hatch, the McLean hatch, and the Morgan hatch are all members of the Hatch lineage that are considered to be among the most desirable strains.

In addition to their ferocity and hostility, hatches are recognized for possessing a high degree of gameness. They have an incredible amount of power as well as durability, which makes them useful in drag competitions.


Roundheads are known for having superb body conformation; their bodies are round and short, and they are exceptionally skilled in stag fighting.

Roundheads are intelligent gamefowl that can hit rival cocks correctly using their already lethal cutting powers while also moving tactically to combat any other fowl that they come up against.

Combat Methods

The roundhead rooster is a very competent fighter and survivor, but it is also highly protective of its territory. They will only stop battling once they achieve victory. In the heat of battle, they may jump great distances and stay ongoing.

There will be fighting if Roundhead cockerels are permitted to mate with other breeds. However, when other chickens approach too close, even Filipino gamefowl breeds may become hostile and raucous.

Asil Fighting Roosters

Asil roosters are known for their distinctive appearance. They have a compact, muscular body, strong legs, and a well-developed breast. Their small, tight feathers offer protection during fights, and their sharp beaks and mighty spurs make them formidable opponents in the sabong arena.

What sets Asil roosters apart is their unparalleled courage and fighting spirit. These birds fear no opponent, displaying unwavering determination and resilience in battle. Their natural aggression and strategic fighting style make them a force to be reckoned with, earning them respect among sabong enthusiasts.

Old Fighting Roosters

The Old English Game breed produces beautiful roosters and hens. A wide variety of hues, including black-breasted red, blue-brassy black, blue-golden duckwing, Columbian, cuckoo, lemon blue, spangled, wheaten, and many more, are recognized.

The roosters of the Old English Game breed are recognized for their royal carriage. They are easily distinguished by their curved beaks and long, shiny necks. Their four-digited, bent, clawed feet are a hallmark of their short, strong legs.

Although Old English Game hens are relatively few, they have all the attitude of a Victorian lady who forgot to have her afternoon tea.


Sabong Worldwide Casino presents a complete account of the famous and controversial sport of cockfighting in the Philippines. The book provides information on sabong, from its origins to its key features. Anyone, from casual observers to severe competitors, can benefit from the knowledge provided in this book. It should be noted, however, that cockfighting is outlawed in many jurisdictions and by many persons.

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