Royal Fishing Game: A Comprehensive Review

Secrets of Royal Fishing

The Royal Fishing Game is a popular game that many people enjoy playing. This review will discuss everything you need to know about this game. We’ll tell you what’s good and what you might not like. So, if you’re curious about the Royal Fishing Game, keep reading to learn more!

What is a Royal Fishing Game?

What is a Royal Fishing Game

Royal Fishing is a traditional JILI fish shooting game. It offers various prizes, including exclusive rewards for specific game rooms. This game encourages players to enter particular rooms to unlock special features and symbols that can help them win more real money.

Available Lobbies in Royal Fishing

In Royal Fishing, players can choose from three different areas to play, each with its betting limits and unique features. These areas are:

Joy Hall – Bet between PHP 0.1 and PHP 10

  • Joy Hall is perfect for beginners, offering low betting limits.
  • You might encounter Immortal Bosses here occasionally.
  • Bet as little as PHP 0.1 or as much as PHP 10 per turn.
  • It keeps your losses small and gives you more time to play.

Regal Hall – Bet between PHP 1 and PHP 80

  • Regal Hall is for players with some experience.
  • Like Joy Hall, it also has Immortal Bosses and Dragon Wrath.
  • Bet from PHP 10 to PHP 80 per turn.

Qian Long Hall – Bet between PHP 10 and PHP 100

  • Qian Long Hall is for experienced players.
  • Immortal Bosses, Dragon Wrath, and Chain Long King are here.
  • Bet as low as PHP 10 or as high as PHP 100 per turn.

Royal Fishing Gameplay Mechanics

Royal Fishing Gameplay Mechanics

Royal Fishing is like a video game where you pretend to be a fisherman. You have a fishing rod, and you use it to catch fish. Here’s how it works:

  • Casting: To start, you throw your fishing line into the water. It is called “casting.” You click a button, and your line goes into the lake or river.
  • Wait: Now, you wait for a fish to come and bite your bait. Fish are like the characters in the game, and they swim around in the water.
  • Reeling: When a fish bites, you must “reel it in.” Spinning is like pulling the fish closer to you. You do this by clicking or moving your mouse.
  • Timing: It’s essential to be patient and not pull too hard. If you pull too much, the line might break, and you’ll lose the fish. So, it would help if you found the right balance.
  • Collecting: Once you’ve reeled the fish close enough, you catch it. The game will usually tell you when you can do this. You should click a button or follow some instructions.
  • Points and Rewards: You might earn points or rewards for catching fish, depending on the game. These can be used to get better fishing gear or other things to help you in the game.
  • Different Fish: Royal Fishing often has many types of fish to catch. Some are easy to see, and some are tricky. Each fish might give you different rewards.
  • Upgrade: As you play and catch more fish, you can upgrade your fishing equipment to make catching more prominent and better fish easier.

Royal Fishing Features

Royal Fishing Features

In Royal Fishing, particular fish and symbols can make the game exciting and help players win big prizes. Here are some of them:

  • Frozen Fish: Pay 30 coins to freeze the game briefly.
  • Drill Bit Lobster: When you defeat this lobster, it explodes and helps catch nearby fish.
  • Thunderbolt Lobster: You get free ammo for 15 seconds after defeating this lobster.
  • Thunderbolt Consecutive Hit: Killing this fish causes a chain of lightning that shocks and catches nearby fish.
  • Serial Bomb Crab: Defeating this crab leads to multiple explosions across the board, helping you catch more fish.
  • Immortal Boss: These high-payout bosses are available in all game lobbies.
  • Awaken Boss: Defeating a boss triggers an awakening attack, giving you a chance to win big with multipliers ranging from 6X to 10X and a maximum reward of 300X.
  • Chain Long King Wheel: After catching the Chain Long Kingfish, a roulette wheel with multipliers appears. You can choose where the pointer lands and the two numbers on the outer and inner wheels will be multiplied with a maximum multiplier of 350X.
  • Summon Dragon Wrath: Exclusive to Regal and Qian Long Hall lobbies, players accumulate wrath value with each shot. Once full, they can summon Dragon Wrath.
  • Lucky Treasure Chest: Collect all fish types to win a Lucky Treasure Chest with up to a 200X super win.

Royal Fishing Graphics and Visuals

Royal Fishing Graphics and Visuals

Royal Fishing graphics and visuals show you how to catch fish, what fishing gear to use, and where to find the best fishing spots. They use bright colors and simple drawings to show everything clearly, like a map that guides you to the treasure of fish in the sea. So, if you’re new to fishing or want to learn more, Royal Fishing Graphics and Visuals are your friendly helpers, making fishing knowledge fun and accessible!


You’ll need to select your bait and cast your fishing line to catch fish. Once a fish bites, you must reel it in by swiping or tapping the screen.

Beginners can start by practicing in more accessible fishing spots, learning the mechanics of casting and reeling, and experimenting with different baits.

Some game versions include social features like connecting with friends, sharing your catches, and competing on leaderboards.

Royal Fishing Game is available on Android and iOS devices so that a large audience may play it.

Royal Fishing Game offers realistic graphics, a wide variety of fish species, and engaging gameplay that sets it apart from other fishing games.


In conclusion, the Royal Fishing Game is a fun and engaging online activity that allows players to experience the excitement of fishing without leaving their homes. There are many different kinds of fish to choose from catch and various challenges to overcome. If you’re looking for a great way to relax and have fun, try it! For more exciting online games and entertainment, visit the Sabong worldwide online casino website to discover a world of entertainment options to enjoy at your leisure.

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