Top Gamefowl Breeds to Look Out for in E-sabong

Fans of E-sabong, which is short for online cockfighting and is more popularly known as cockfighting, are always looking for the most excellent gamefowl breeds that they can use to give themselves an advantage in the online arena. E-sabong has achieved an enormous amount of popularity as a result of the development of technology. This game enables players to experience the excitement of cockfighting without leaving the convenience of their homes.

Top Gamefowl Breeds to Look Out for in E-sabong

What is E-sabong?

Sabong Worldwide is an E-sabong platform where users may participate in cockfighting bouts using digital avatars of actual gamefowl. It is also known as online sabong or virtual cockfighting. Other names for e-sabong include online sabong and virtual cockfighting. Bets may be placed on the results of these virtual cockfights, just as they would be at regular cockfighting events. Participants can enjoy the same level of excitement as they watch their wagers come to fruition. 

What is E-sabong

Players can experience the excitement of cockfighting without leaving the convenience of their own homes by using their personal computers or mobile devices to participate in simulated matches that are created with cutting-edge technology and graphics. E-sabong is a digital alternative to conventional cockfighting that has gained popularity because it enables devotees to participate in the sport without the necessity of being physically present at a cockfighting arena.

E-sabong Gamefowl Breeds

Now that we understand what E-sabong is let’s move on to discussing the top E-sabong breeds that are available for online betting: 

E-sabong Gamefowl Breeds


The Peruvian Gamefowl is an extremely popular rooster and in high demand. This breed is well-known for being one of the most costly breeds in the world. The cost of acquiring a trio is between 3,000 and 5,000. If you locate it for a lower price, it’s likely a hybrid. It is believed that this fighting chicken has the ideal lineage and is among the oldest fighting chickens in the sport’s history. Only some roosters can hold their own against an opponent from the Philippines.

  • Technique of Combat: The Peruvian Gamefowl are significantly more hostile than other varieties of the same species. They are raised to have a bold disposition and to be prepared to engage in combat at a moment’s notice. As a result of the swiftness with which these birds move in for the kill, most encounters with Peruvian roosters do not last very long.

Spanish Gamefowl

There is a long history behind the Spanish Gamefowl, also known as the Fighter in Spain. Interestingly, Spain was a different breeding ground for these birds. Instead, they were brought over from the West Indies by the Spaniards. Because Spanish Gamefowl may be purchased from breeders, its rarity cannot be compared to other breeds on this list.

Although Spanish game hens do not lay eggs in extraordinary quantities, they are excellent mothers and do a fantastic job nurturing young chicks. As a result, you should be fine keeping these hens in your backyard.

  • Physiological Traits and Qualities: This rooster has a handsome appearance. The Spanish Gamefowl has an aggressive attitude and long, flowing tail feathers, giving it the appearance that it is either ready to fight or pose for a glamor photo session. They have white feathers around their heads and necks, darker feathers on their backs and wings, some spotting around their legs, and darker tips on their tails. Their legs are spotted. Their bright legs give the impression of being tough.


Whitehackle chickens were explicitly developed for combat, even though their appearance belies this fact. It’s interesting to note that when they’re not attempting to get in each other’s way, Whitehackles are notorious for being chatty and curious.

  • Characteristics: The Whitehackle breed is deceptive because they appear delicate and well-mannered. Whitehackle chickens are happy birds that are of medium size and have colorful plumage. They prance around the yard. The roosters have broad shoulders, a single comb that is straight back, longer wattles, brilliant yellow eyes, and a pointed beak.
  • Style of Fighting: Chickens are notorious for seizing opportunities when they present themselves. The Whitehackle, on the other hand, takes it to an all-new level. Because they like to wait for their opponent to come to them, their method of attack is far more sophisticated than that of other breeds. When they have the opportunity, they deliver strikes with a speed that borders on the miraculous.

Radio Roosters

The Whitehackle and Murphy breeds, both offshoots of the Kelso breed, were used to create the first Radio chicken in 1962.

These robust, tiny combatants have a straight comb, golden legs, and a station in the middle of the litter. You will need help distinguishing between Radios, Hatch roosters, and Kelso roosters. 

They both have red saddle feathers, neck feathers, and some bluish-black feathers across the chest. Their tail feathers are the same, and there are some white feathers near the base of their tails.


To be successful in this Sabong Worldwide Casino game, it is essential to select the appropriate E-sabong gamefowl breeds. Players can experiment with various methods and strategies thanks to the fact that each breed has its own set of distinctive qualities and methods of combat. Therefore, make your way into the digital arena, investigate the best gamefowl breeds, and take your e-sabong experience to a new level!

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